Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to reality after Paridise takes some adjusting

Hey my blog friends...I am back from France and I thought I'd share with you some pics of my trip. It was such an uplifting trip, full of creative time for myself and getting in touch with my art background. I spent 10 full days dedicated to my art and in direct contact with the beauty of the south of France in the Ardeche region...AMAZING.

The group of teachers that joined me on this workshop was amazing and so full of support and encouragement that the whole experience was truly more of a retreat. After the workshop I spent some true quality time with a big group of my family memebers that met at the location and that was just icing on the cake....

So these are some pictures of my trip... I hope you enjoy them...I am also back to work this week too so my posts might not be as regular as during my summer vacation...but I hope to keep in touch and creating, so that we can keep sharing and getting to know each other...hugs to all and hope to hear from you soon...


This was my room during the workshop (that door in the balcony)

and a side view from my balcony...pure natural beauty and rustic arquitecture to top the experience...Artistic eye candy all around
The items on my bed are the welcome kit art materials we all received after our welcome cool is that!!!!

Here is another balcony view from a different spot in the Hamlet we stayed at. This the view we enjoyed during all our meals...

This was my studio area...on display my work in progress during my workshop time. I was able to do so much... it was amazing to enjoy all that creative time and play with my art.

I think I might make a video album with the rest of the pictures if you are all interested...I don't want to make this post picture heavy...Let me know if you are interested in that.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back from Paradise

Hello my creative friends...I have just returned from my trip to France and it has been a magical experience full of creative awakenings, sorrounded by truly special new teacher friends and ending with a magnificent family reunion.

The Ardeche region was magical and the workshop was so uplifting and inspiring...I was able to reach back into my artistic core and truly enjoy the sorroundings and see everything from a new perspective. I am organizing the pictures and working on my journal so I hope to share some of it soon. It was truly an amazing trip and I loved it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A link to my You Tube Channel

Hello my new friends, today I am getting the last things together before I leave for my trip and thought I could leave a link to my Channel on You Tube so that you could see what the Art Journal looks live LIVE. I don't know if some of you did see it but just in case. Here it is:

Besides that I just finished some invitations for my beautiful new nephew's Baptism and with that my last project before I left. Tried to take some pictures but they came out horrible. I need to get a better camera and set up some time soon. (very delicate and simple but I love how they turned out). I will double check them again and see if I can show you how they looked. But they are now on their way to Williamstown, Ma so if the pics I got do not work I missed the,je.

I hope I get some type of internet connection on this trip, so that I can keep in contact, but I have no idea how that will work or how much free time I will have during this trip, so I will tell you all how it went when I get back (hopefully with some great pictures). I so look forward to making this blog a friendly environment where we can share, meet and enjoy ourselves. I hope to make this blog just that, a great Creative Spot where we get to spend some time getting to know what we like, what inspires us and developing some great new frienships. I truly enjoy your visits and finding all your comments so please keep them coming and I will be back soon...hugs and thanks for stoping by.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a Little Thank You

Here I am again to post a little thank you to Chloe at for dropping me a sweet note about my Art Journal, joining us here and a VERY Special thanks for informing me that I was the lucky winner of her Blog Candy on Whimsical Wendnesday's Blog Hop...YAY I won! I got new Peachy Keen stamps!!! So thank you Chloe and welcome to my blog. I hope you did get my email...I think that will be all for today...LOL

Groups on Facebook

So... about a week ago I created my Group page on Facebook..but have been so out of using Facebook that I still need to learn soooo much more...If any of you know how to go about it please let me know...The Group is TurquesaDotSTUDIO and I just figured that it would be a great way to chat and meet my new crafting friends in a format that is not so "journalistic". There are some details that I want to find out before I announce it. So please, those of you who have already done this, if you could PM with your advise or just leave me a comment I would be so thankful.
Have a Sweet and Happy Day,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My New Art Journal

Before I start this post I would like to welcome all my new followers and thank you for joining this special journey. I hope that I may inspire you in some way and look forward to all your responses, feedback and shared inspirations.

Now on to my new project...making an art journal was on the top of my list of things I wanted to do this summer...and it is finally on its beginning stages. YES!!!

The true reason behind it is that I was offered a truly special opportunity this summer and as part of my job I will be attending an Art Teachers Workshop in Ardeche, France. So coming up are some wonderful days sorrounded by gorgeous lanvender fields, a very tranquil landscape and some artistic inspiration by joining other fellow art teachers. So I want to create a journal for this special trip and make a true effort to add journaling about it, memorabilia, sketches and just some fun experiments to it. I will keep adding to it once I get back with the final details and embellishments that I find along the way...So today I'd like to share you with my warming up first pages and the cover....

These are the elements I started with:

And this is how it looks right now...(the pages are not finished, so that I may add things to them when I am there. This is a watercolor pad, since I need to get the real Moleskin Journal I want from Amazon but it will have to do for now.

For a better look at my first pages and how the parts work please visit my YT Channel...I love your comments they are like little presents or just leave me a short hello it makes this whole blog experience very special to get your responses.
Stay creative and Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Making flowers with my new dies and some projects I found while organizing my studio

Here I am sorting through my boxes and trying to organize my studio space. That means finding all my products from different stages I have gone through in my designs and as usual finding new ways in which I can combine my things with the new ones I have been buying now...I love doing that.
So first I started palying with my beads and made some much fun that my six year old girl wanted to play again...What a great partner to play with...then I made some different types of flowers..that was so much fun too and finally on Wednesday I found a box full of projects that I had made a while ago but never got arround to show or I made a video to show you what they look like....I would really love some feedback on what you all think of them. So here are both videos. I hope you like them...Now I am off to start on my new art journal which is something I want to start doing this summer. I hope to share some of it soon...

I would love to have you subscribe to my YT Channel and to see your just makes this whole journey way more special and fun. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Monday, July 4, 2011

My new card

This card was inspired by Casu-ual-Fridays Challenge #9 to create something manly using Kraft...manly things...and kraft products are not really in abundance in my stash just my mental search started...creative mode turned on and BINGO the final go do it was that my Husband's Birthday is now in July and that was motivation enough to push myself and make one. (...and Virgina's tempting question to participate also helped, "big smile for that")
So here is what I came up kraft card stock or embellishments or paper for that matter so use what you do have...One Kraft box, one kraft paper bag, some yarn, my knots form the hardware store, some left over ribbon from a project and a 5X7 Brown Cardstock and some cutting and playing around.... (not the best photos, sorry but the camera won) I think you get the idea...I hope : )

I'll explain how I used them in a's just explain and show than writing a hundres steps LOL...

It is also the perfect size litlle bag to hold a gift card...YAY...I took the picture with the one I to get him his real one...and of coures it must match my card. I hope he likes it, since it is the first hand made card I make him...I mean real card just for him.
So I'll make that video...but now it's family time in the pool and it is soooo hot today that we seriously need it...Take care and come back soon, I love your visits and Happy Fourth if you are in the US.

PS: This is the video explainig it and you can see it better too,he,he please let me know what you think...I'm just starting out with the stamping and papercraft cards...Very different from my usual digital invitations...but loving it!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My New Altered Canvas Projects

They are done....Well the one for the challenge is done and the other two are done for now...I will finish those as soon as I can find what I am looking for to finish them...but here they are.

For more details on them visit my YT channel

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Altered Canvas it is

Finally back to let you know what I have been working on this past week. It has been so hard to get things done with all three kids wanting my attention full time. Every time I try to work on my projects my kids want to do crafts too and I have to stop and help them. Well yeah I don't blame them with all the goodies finally on display and so accesible, who would not want to play with them..LOL. Specially with Mom doing fun stuff with it. and once they are done they are ready to go swimming and then, and then, well then it's ELEVEN o'clock (PM) and I finally get to do my thing.

So now onto what is new...I received my online orders for new products that I wanted to try. YAY!!! so many goodies to play with and loving all my new things. Of course I wanted to try everything out know how thrilling it is to try something new...oh and scary too...LOL. This time I just jumped right into it without giving it too much thought and it has been so much fun.

What I have been playing with is....(little drum roll please)... three altered canvases inspired by a dress form die cut set I bought from Bona....(Thank You Bona, I am loving them!!!!). Then my promise to mix it up with my old things to keep it challenging and productive. I am almost done with all three and will be uploading a video and maybe some pictures, but to give you a small clue they are dress forms in three styles (a) classic, (b) girly and (c) artsy, basically based on three sides of me. The artsy one is the one I started yesterday for an altered canvas challenge they are having this month (July) at A Little Scrap of Heaven.

Now I am off to finish the artsy one...the kids are finally sleeping. Hurray...I hope you come back and take a look at them and let me know what you think...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to thank two sweet bloggers who made me feel VERY special I am again to share some love with the blog community. This past week and today have been so special in so many ways, but tonight I want to stop and thank MY TWO followers who so kindly honored me with some blog awards. I am way to new to have enough blogging experience so I hope I do this right. First Arlene who passed her set of awards to me on her blog choices...I had tears in my eyes when I saw my name on her list.
I felt honored with all of them and omitted one because I am still not an owner of the marvelous Cricut :(...I wish I was...but here are the rest of them:

Thanks Arlene!!!!!!! and yes this is addicting and you warned me...but so rewarding in so many ways.

And today I am blessed once again with the kind message from Terri sharing hers

THANK YOU!!! Terri for thinking of me

OKAY now for the hard part...I am supposed to list 8 things about myself..GREAT hope this helps you know me a litter better at least.

1. I live in sunny Puerto Rico, but was born in Boston, MA (only lived there until I was two years old but love that city).
2. I have three little blessings ages 9, 6 and 5 and there is never a dull moment at home.
3. I love this new Blog and YouTube Crafting world that I just found
4. My Husband is my biggest fan and supporter of this creative passion of mine.
5. I can spend all day crafting and creating...It feels like my Disney
6. I love Coke Zero and drink way to much of it.
7. I am such a night owl...
8. I truly hope to get to meet some new friends in this wonderful new online community. So much talent and truly special people all around. I am so glad that I found it and to know that there are so many of you out there having a blast making special things and creating memories to treasure for ever...Thank You all for the true inspiration and joy.

(Now for the 8 blogs who deserve these awards...all great blogs for inspiration with a truly special kindness to others)
1. Arlene at:
2. Terri at:
3. Bona at:
4. Cath at:
5. Tracey at:
6. The great group from:
7. Bev at:

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Here I am again trying to have some summer fun with my three active kids and it will not stop you might imagine how cooped up everyone is. I have been staying up to some absurd hours to keep up with what I want to get done. No chance of doing it while the kids are awake and running around. But I am truly getting things done so I am very happy. I just added a video on the projects I made. (If you would like to take a look and let me know how you like it please look on my previous post Titled "Working with what I have" since I just made a little edit to include the final result). Now I am off to try an make the best of our day...Hope you have a bright one and thank you for passing by,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Pink Peas: Two Pink Peas HUGE Blog Candy Giveaway...

Two Pink Peas: Two Pink Peas HUGE Blog Candy Giveaway...

This is my first time participating on a Blog candy giveaway and could not pass this opportunity to join and have a chance at it....I would love to be able to win them...Are they not amazing! And such a great reason to offer them too! Yeah this made me smile and even if I am too late to win it just deserves some exposure because it rocks!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today's Creation is a Combination

What a wonderful week we had...A lot of swimming with the kids in the pool and great sunny days...and to end it I am including a design I made that I consider a combined inspiration...
The colors are inspired by the color scheme I am working on for my altered frame (look at my previous post and you will get a sneak peak at that) and the design is inspired by two blog challenges of the week and my love of design...I am loving how it all comes together and I get the perfect push to create and use what I have.

So here it is...One of a Kind Tag Card created by using a combination of border punches and regular punches. I created my own original dress and purse fashion inspiration tag card to display in my studio...(inside I will add small pictures of my fashion related creations and the word DESIGNS).

Materials used: Marhta Stewart edge punches (scallop dot & doily lace) regular punches: Paper Shapers square scallop 1 1/2", CM square punch set 1 1/4". Paper LilybeeDesign "This & That" Tiny Tablet and American Crafts Cardstock from the Tropical Heavy Weight box.

Background is a brown cardstock placed on a 5X7 chipboard. Stamp: KaiserCraft Clear Stamps "All about Me" and ink by Archival Ink in sepia. Blog Challenges are: Beautyful Borders Challenge at Moxie Fab World and Cas-ual Fridays Getting Edgy Challenge #8. (Both have the requirement of using your edge punches to create something unique)...and I had so much fun creating mine...Join us and create your own border/edge inspired craft!!!! Wishing you a creative and fun day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Working with what I have

Altering mode is on...I wanted to use the products that I had already and picked a couple of things that felt inspiring...and this is the color scheme that caught my eye. I am currently working on it and hope to show the final result soon...But for now this might just inspire you to create something of your own...

OKAY...Finally here is my brand new project made with the materials I had chosen and a couple of little finds that might help you organize your creative spots...What do you think?

Oh and you may watch this video (at regual size on my YouTube Channel just click on the YouTube logo on the video. I would love to have you subscribe there too...Thanks for your visit...keep creating and have a great day!,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Flip Video upload to YouTube

Hello and welome back...
Today I wanted to share my take on filming my video on the Flip and let you know that I liked how it turned out so much better than what I achieved on my iPod Touch video attempt.

I was able to film two of my kids making a project inspired by my first video and it came out great. Then my attempt at editing the video including music and multiple clips was so much fun. So I am one happy camper!!!!

I also have to confess that I got bitten by the "haul" bug and did make a couple of online purchases with my birthday money and I am thrilled and inspired to try everything here is the video of my kids (please let me know what you think) and I am off to try my goodies out...Keep creating and having fun and hope to see you back soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Challenge Sumbission

I have been so inspired by all the videos and blogs in the past week that I spent the whole weekend fixing my "crafting/studio"corner and getting all my supplies out of storage...Today...well.. today that I am almost there (for now)... these two challenges that I found made me stop and actually join my first challenge response.

The one I did make in time to join was CAS-ual Fridays Challenge CFC #7, but it is also inspired by a Tuesday Trigger : Rainbow Bright at Moxie Fab World's Blog

The bright colors in this one I loved and the texture of the thread...well what can I say....

And this CFC one focused on color blocking made it even more fun to play with....

                                                     CAS-ual Fridays Challenge CFC #7

So here is the card/invitation I created to paricipate in this challenge...I had a great time going through my old stash of things and actually using up some goodies....So thanks to the wonderful challenges on these blogs for the inspiration!!!! I LOVED it! Hope you like it too.

Thank you for passing by and hope to have you back soon...keep on being inspired and enjoy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Testing my Flip video vs the iPodTouch

Hello is what is new today...
I am testing both videos to see the one that will work best for my blog uploads...The first one was not good on my iPod new at this posting trend that I did not think of filming it horizontally...So I tested that and it works better...But the one I filmed with my Flip using a trypod worked out I just have to edit the video and see what all of you think...
See you soon with news on that...(growing on my tech abilities every day)
SMILE and have a great day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The FIRST day of my NEW creative journey

Here we go... I decided the right way to introduce this process would be to explain the name and logo I designed for my Bolg and YouTube ID on a Video. The first day of my new cretive journey was all about using my new computer to design my logo...then the Bolg. Today it was filming my first iPod Touch video, learning to edit the video on iMovie and then uploading it to my Blog and YouTube Channel....(well today is my second day and I have finished all of it and have it here for you to see).

My turquesadotSTUDIO is a name I had on my wishlist of things to do for such a long time. I am a visual...."very visual" person" and I worked as an Art Director in Advertising, Promotion, Direct Mail and Public Relations for over 10 years so Identity is such a basic process in my way of planning things. I naturally think of the whole package as I design anything, so creating a visual ID for myself as I embark on this new journey was a must for me. I hope this also helps You to get to know me and the way I create and the things that inspire me.

The next thing I added to this video was a piece I had to add my final touches to.... something I needed to finish before I can go on with my new creations and expriments. I now invite you to watch my first video and I hope that you enjoy it and join me on this thrilling process. I am loving it all!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My new creative journey starts today

Hello and welcome to my creative journey. This is my new challenge... let me tell you why... 

I need to create and design so much that when I am not able to...well... I feel down and gloomy.

This is how I see it...I compare it to the way athletes feel when they have to stop doing any type of excercise or sport and they start feeling pain and anxiety...they just feel horrible... but when they finally get back, the adrenaline gets you all pumped up and your energy rises.

I have not been able to truly create for a while because a few little changes have occurred in my life this year. So TODAY, no more excuses, I'll do it "soons", or "oh wells" (because we usually have many). I have finally decided to come back and commit to this and I hope this new blog will motivate me to become truly active on my creative side. I hope you join me in this journey and we get to enjoy our creativity together. Let's have some fun, learn and just experiment with all the wonderful goodies out there. Time to play! See you soon, Evy .