Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello my crafty friends I have been neglecting my blog for way to long and I am so sorry. Here is a little update. May and June have been wonderful so far. School ended on the 31st of May and I was super drained after a long year with tons of work, but so thrilled to get some time to do my crafts. I celebrated my 45th Birthday on the 1st of June and have kept right on celebrating by doing some serious crafting hauls and working on lots of new projects. I am so thankful to have been able to get some wonderful goodies to play with. I was able to do this after a week of serious cleaning and organizing and some crafty shopping and lots of help from very kind and truly special new friends. With all their wonderful support I have been so inspired to create and I am loving it. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for the motivation and support I have been receiving form all the incredible people in this community. New friends who take time out of their lives to leave me sweet comments of support and motivation. They make my day extra special. I will try to keep up with both the blog and my YouTube channel and do all the projects I have planned for this summer and would love for you to join me in this journey. I hope we get to share some very special moments in this little corner and bring each other lots of inspiration. It has been so much fun so far and I hope it only gets better. So big hugs to all and hope to have your visits soon. Your visits and comments will be so truly appreciated... Have some creative fun, go play, EVY

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My recent project

Hello I am back and trying my best to keep up with the crafting and posting but this school year has been so busy that I don't find the time to do all the things I would love to do. Today I was actually able to finish my second Birthday present for one of my daughter's friends. I did the first one last weekend. I decided to try and give handmade things for all the next presents coming up this month. So I am hard at work on them since my daughters have been invited to five birthdays so far...I made a video of both of them. Please visit my YouTube channel or press on the video below to watch. I will try to post some pictures I took of the last set before I had to wrap it. I hope you get just as inspired to make some gifts too. Come back and visit soon, have a wonderful week, Evy This is the one I was still working on today....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finally had some time to update

Hello my creative friends, it has been way to long since I had some time to film and actually update my YouTube Channel and Blog...This school year has been way more intense than my last one. so I have been way to tired and busy to do it. When I do have the time I am just way to drained to do my crafting or anything to time consuming. So ,so sorry for that.

Anyways I have been working in my art just as a way to relax and to keep some type of creation going and I would like to share some of that with you today. To satrt with my update I made a video of my art journal for the trip to France...It is still in the works but I am almost done with the bulk of it.
If you woul like to see it please press on the link below and take a look at the video.

The other projects I have been working on are a couple of sketchbooks and many little painting excercises that I love doing when I do get some free time. It really helps me to relax and feel like I have done something for my creative juices to keep flowing. Finally, I have this week off from work...YAY!!! so I am loving that I could dedicate some time to my craft room and some small projects. I missed it way to much...I only wish I could do it more often.

So that is what I have been upto on my creative journey for the fast months and I hope to be able to do a lot more during this upcoming summer vacation...

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and I promise I will make a bigger effort to keep it way more active....Hope you are all well and having a positive and creative time.