Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My new creative journey starts today

Hello and welcome to my creative journey. This is my new challenge... let me tell you why... 

I need to create and design so much that when I am not able to...well... I feel down and gloomy.

This is how I see it...I compare it to the way athletes feel when they have to stop doing any type of excercise or sport and they start feeling pain and anxiety...they just feel horrible... but when they finally get back, the adrenaline gets you all pumped up and your energy rises.

I have not been able to truly create for a while because a few little changes have occurred in my life this year. So TODAY, no more excuses, I'll do it "soons", or "oh wells" (because we usually have many). I have finally decided to come back and commit to this and I hope this new blog will motivate me to become truly active on my creative side. I hope you join me in this journey and we get to enjoy our creativity together. Let's have some fun, learn and just experiment with all the wonderful goodies out there. Time to play! See you soon, Evy .

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  1. I am very proud of you Evy!! I mean look at you.. your blog is brand new and look at how many blog awards you have already??!! I wish you the biggest success with your blog and I wish that it sky rockets as high as the moon!! It makes me so happy that I get to see your blog from the start and I hope to know you for a very long long time. I would love to help you get a ton of followers and help spread the word about your blog. Many hugs, Terri of Two Pink Peas www.twopinkpeas.blogspot.com