Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to reality after Paridise takes some adjusting

Hey my blog friends...I am back from France and I thought I'd share with you some pics of my trip. It was such an uplifting trip, full of creative time for myself and getting in touch with my art background. I spent 10 full days dedicated to my art and in direct contact with the beauty of the south of France in the Ardeche region...AMAZING.

The group of teachers that joined me on this workshop was amazing and so full of support and encouragement that the whole experience was truly more of a retreat. After the workshop I spent some true quality time with a big group of my family memebers that met at the location and that was just icing on the cake....

So these are some pictures of my trip... I hope you enjoy them...I am also back to work this week too so my posts might not be as regular as during my summer vacation...but I hope to keep in touch and creating, so that we can keep sharing and getting to know each other...hugs to all and hope to hear from you soon...


This was my room during the workshop (that door in the balcony)

and a side view from my balcony...pure natural beauty and rustic arquitecture to top the experience...Artistic eye candy all around
The items on my bed are the welcome kit art materials we all received after our welcome cool is that!!!!

Here is another balcony view from a different spot in the Hamlet we stayed at. This the view we enjoyed during all our meals...

This was my studio area...on display my work in progress during my workshop time. I was able to do so much... it was amazing to enjoy all that creative time and play with my art.

I think I might make a video album with the rest of the pictures if you are all interested...I don't want to make this post picture heavy...Let me know if you are interested in that.


  1. I love the pics. Wow, that's beautiful. And the place looks peaceful.

  2. Wow, Evy, What beautiful pictures. I'm sure you had a spectacular time. Love your art studio and the painting on the display. Really really cool. Oh! yes, I would love to see your video album. Animate y cuando puedas post it! Fuerte Abrazo!