Saturday, July 26, 2014

It has been a long time

Hello, I am back after way to long and I wonder if there is anyone out there. I hope so, since otherwise I am all alone in "Our Little Creative Spot". What I did want to share today was something new in my life. Yes, such is life, what can I say. The Summer is always full of changes and surpises for me...It seems that every Summer for the past few years something new starts to happen. Last year we moved houses, this year we might be moving back, but I have also started a new shop on Etsy. So time will tell what the end of Summer will look like, but for now I am ready to create and to explore my love of texture and color. I am working happily to develop this new line of art that I chose to share with the World. I hope you all join me as I continue in this journey and I look forward to sharing what inspires me with all of you. Today my inspiration was color combinations and jewelry and I created a few art pieces to sell in my store...So much fun...I love it! That is all for now, but I will be back to share pictures once the pieces are ready. Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello again

Hello my creative Friends, hope all of you are doing well. I am finally back in my creative zone and I hope to be able to share more often with all of you. I have a few simple plans of things I want to share on my blog and will be giving that a try very soon. So please start following again and let me know what all of you think. Hope to be back soon and please drop me a little line and let me know how all of you are doing.