Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to thank two sweet bloggers who made me feel VERY special

Hey..here I am again to share some love with the blog community. This past week and today have been so special in so many ways, but tonight I want to stop and thank MY TWO followers who so kindly honored me with some blog awards. I am way to new to have enough blogging experience so I hope I do this right. First Arlene http://waterdots.blogspot.com/ who passed her set of awards to me on her blog choices...I had tears in my eyes when I saw my name on her list.
I felt honored with all of them and omitted one because I am still not an owner of the marvelous Cricut :(...I wish I was...but here are the rest of them:

Thanks Arlene!!!!!!! and yes this is addicting and you warned me...but so rewarding in so many ways.

And today I am blessed once again with the kind message from Terri sharing hers http://www.twopinkpeas.blogspot.com

THANK YOU!!! Terri for thinking of me

OKAY now for the hard part...I am supposed to list 8 things about myself..GREAT hope this helps you know me a litter better at least.

1. I live in sunny Puerto Rico, but was born in Boston, MA (only lived there until I was two years old but love that city).
2. I have three little blessings ages 9, 6 and 5 and there is never a dull moment at home.
3. I love this new Blog and YouTube Crafting world that I just found
4. My Husband is my biggest fan and supporter of this creative passion of mine.
5. I can spend all day crafting and creating...It feels like my Disney
6. I love Coke Zero and drink way to much of it.
7. I am such a night owl...
8. I truly hope to get to meet some new friends in this wonderful new online community. So much talent and truly special people all around. I am so glad that I found it and to know that there are so many of you out there having a blast making special things and creating memories to treasure for ever...Thank You all for the true inspiration and joy.

(Now for the 8 blogs who deserve these awards...all great blogs for inspiration with a truly special kindness to others)
1. Arlene at: http://waterdots.blogspot.com
2. Terri at: http://www.twopinkpeas.blogspot.com
3. Bona at: http://keeponscrappin.blogspot.com
4. Cath at: http://www.moxiefabworld.com
5. Tracey at: http://lindystampgang.blogspot.com
6. The great group from: http://cas-ualfridays.blogspot.com
7. Bev at:http://thepiecebypiece.blogspot.com


  1. Hi Evy,

    Thank you so much for the awards. I love them all. I'm so happy to see you join the blogging and YT world. Its so fun to share what we all love to do and that is to preserve our favorite memories of the ones we love through our passion for crafting. Thank you again!


  2. Aww.. Evy.. I literally had tears in my eyes reading your post about you receiving your new awards. Even though you are new it does not mean that you are less deserving!! You deserve it my new friend and I am so happy for you and am PROUD to be a new follower of your blog. We need to spread the word about your blog and get you a ton of followers. I can and would love to help you with that. I am really so happy for you and thank you for passing your new blogging awards back to me. That is really so sweet. One of my most favorite things about blogging is finding and meeting new blogging friends and I am so happy that I found you. I will post these blog awards on my blog tomorrow and mention a HUGE thank you to you for giving these new ones to me. I love getting blog awards, it shows how much love is out in this big ole' blogging world so Thank You for adding me to your list. I feel honored in so many ways!! Many hugs, Terri of Two Pink Peas www.twopinkpeas.blogspot.com

  3. Wow! You put your heart and soul into this fabulous blog! I have the similar creation (the doily dress) back in March. I'm sharing it with you since you made one. Thanks so much for becoming my latest follower! http://www.flickr.com/photos/15636237@N04/5423358397/in/photostream